Spirituaholic Candles by Veeta Venom



OK I’m a candle lover but something about these candles that are just radiantly beautiful & I love the sweet pea scent

Ariel Johnson

I love my candles! I literally bought all of them! And I love them all. Thanks so much please make more. Perhaps bigger ones to! Love how slow they burn.

Krystal Tibbs

If your a candle lover your most certainly gonna love these

Samantha Wright

It’s the body candles for me! My girl did a bulk order of 6 body candles for my sisters baby shower and I was super satisfied, pleased & impressed! Meet up the great work! Y’all her candles can be purchased custom for color or scent in any of her designs/ she makes them for parties etc too & she’s super fast. I love my candles and they burn and small great.

Paris Hudley